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Is your house vacant? In need of repairs? Facing foreclosure or power of sale? Relocating? Divorce? Bad tenants? Estate sale? Selling a home traditionally isn't easy, quick, or cheap...UNTIL NOW!

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We Have Been Purchasing Properties Since 2015

Hi, I am Meagan, and I am a real estate investor that buys houses for flipping and rental purposes. I am not a Real Estate Agent, so I do not charge any commission or fees. Most importantly, I can empathize with your situation as selling a property can be a stressful time.


My partner Marcus and I have been purchasing properties since 2015 in Southern Ontario. We realize each situation is unique, and we work hard to give you the best possible offer for your home.


Whether your house is vacant or you are in need of repairs, or are facing foreclosure, we can help. Facing bad tenants or power of sale or going through a divorce - the reasons for selling your property could be many, and we are ready to extend our support in all situations by buying your property without any hassles. You can rely on us to offer you the best price for your home.


Please call me to discuss your situation.

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"At a very difficult time in our families lives. We contacted Meagan and Marcus to help us out. From the minute Of our first conversation it was clear they were not just about a quick cheap buy but more about understanding our needs which were very difficult at the time and how they can best help. After our first meeting we were unable to see the deal through given the challenges within the family and emotions involved in selling the home. However after some consideration we contacted them again to see if they would still be willing to purchase the home. We also indicated a need for a certain amount of funds given the financial need for my father-in-law and his care. Marcus was incredibly understanding and supportive and committed to a beneficial deal for both sides. The sensitivity he and Meagan showed throughout the relationship was second to none and incredibly appreciated. I would highly recommend Their services to anybody finding themselves in a situation to sell a home for whatever the reason and needing a quick close. They helped my family and insured my father-in-law had the financial ability to support him in in his long-term care."
-Greg and Julie Armstrong

"I had a property that was in need of major repairs. It was my intention to renovate the property myself until an injury set me back. The house could not be sold in the condition it was in through traditional real estate methods. I contacted Meagan and Marcus and they bought my property quickly with no problems."
-Tim L

"Due to a tragedy we needed to sell our home and quickly. Meagan and Marcus helped us with finding several options and made the process simple and more manageable. When there were any hiccups, Meagan and Marcus went above and beyond to help us get through it. With out them I don't think we could have got through that situation so easily. Thank you so much!
-Mike B
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The key to our success is listening to sellers, building trust and creating an environment where EVERYONE wins.

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